6. September 2017

Think outside the box – MALOCHICO

The french artist MaloChico knows how to deal with shapes and colours. He creates a three-dimensionality on the blank papers, which just simply amazes you!
29. August 2017

A true gem from Italy – ACEUNOJOINT

We are excited to introduce you one of our loyal friends and artist ACEUNOJOINT. He is not only extremly talented, but also a very trustworthy and […]
27. März 2017

The Hokem One – You won’t forget this style!

As one of our Battle veterans and loyal artists for years now, it’s time to introduce The Hokem One to you!
13. März 2017

Tattoo Artist Craig shows his work!

Tattoo Artists are pretty talented – One proof for that statement is Craig Jenkins from Australia. He shows us what he can do with our markers!