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3. Februar 2017
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26. Februar 2017
5 Artworks Graphmaster

Our sketch battles

We are trying to offer frequent sketch battles for everyone who likes to draw and sketch! To be fair to everyone, we usually open different categories, based on the skill level of each artist.
So far we hosted two large sketch battle with hundreds of amazing participants – Now we would like to present you 5 entries that really rock!

1. Deadpool

Do you remember the massive hype when Deadpool was released? Well yeah – Our first sketch battle was shortly after the release of this kickass movie, which most likely inspired the artists to create this unique piece.

Graphmaster Marker Deadpool

2. Red Blue Yellow Black

It’s really hard to describe this next one. It’s simply amazing – The style seems so unique and special, we just love it!

Graphmaster Hokem

3. Artwork with canvas

The size and beautiful canvas certainly make this one special. We personally also love the partly “shattered” style and really funky letters!

 Artwork with canvas

4. Cleanest possible style?

How much cleaner can it get, honestly? This is easily one of our all time favorites, it’s just awesome to look at!

Acryl Graphmaster

5. More than just a sketch!

Look closely! This is not just a sketch – This is ART! 🙂

Graphmaster Art



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