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Throwback: 5 amazing artworks from our Sketch Battles
3. Februar 2017
Say “Hey” to WEAM!
26. Februar 2017

ENOCK enters the stage! Applause for Chris from Lower Saxony!

The most important information at a glance

Artist name: ENOCK / ENOCK1
Since: 2005
Origin: Oldenburg / Germany
Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/Enock-One-751511644901892/

What the artist says about himself

Hey, I’m Chris, I’ve recently turned 18 years old and come from Lower Saxony, near Oldenburg. I started drawing in 2005. At the beginning I have still drawn with simple felt pens. I developed the whole ideas and the style by myself. I love to paint, because you have peace, you can get rid of everything and I enjoy to let the imagination run wild. I came to Graphmaster, by the time I was in the Graffitishop and noticed the markers immediatly. I then learned a few tips, how to deal properly with high quality markers and then tried the markers at home. Since then I paint only with these markers, because you can paint with them exactly and there is such a large color selection.

Talented offspring needed!

Even younger artists support us by using our markers. Whether young, old, new or experienced: Our range is growing daily and has become gigantic. We are delighted that we are also received very positively by the young upcoming generation of artists, and we are looking forward to each of the young artists who register with us.


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