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26. Februar 2017
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27. März 2017

Tattoo Artists are pretty talented – One proof for that statement is Craig Jenkins from Australia. He shows us what he can do with our markers!

The most important information at a glance

Artist’s name: Craig Jenkins
Profession: Tattoo Artist
Origin: South Wales / Australia
Instagram profile:

What the artist says about himself

Hey guys. I’m craig jenkins, 32. I’ve been tattooing 7 years and been doing graffiti 12 but always been focussed on art. I mainly enjoy doing pin ups and letters and trying to push the flow and balance of the human form into the structure of the letters. Nature always seems to do things best. Also I try to sprinkle them with my own future electro funk flavour to give them a some energy. I came across the markers on the blackbookology competition that I didn’t win but after seeing what they could do I bought 2 packs anyway. They’ve definitely brought a bright professional feel to my work that I’m more than happy with. And I’m not sure if this would be a product but it would be great to see what colors other people have used that work well together. Maybe a chart with different color ways with the pen names. This would be great to help people’s work along effortlessly and make it easier picking what colors to get next. Thanks a lot for the great product and service. Will definitely be getting more.

Amazing art from Tattoo specialists!

We have already had contact with a lot of tattoo artists who also use our markers, either for their professional work or for their very own hobby art. We are thankful for each and everyone of you, your work is inspiring and we are happy to share it here!


Selected Sketches


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