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As one of our Battle veterans and loyal artists for years now, it’s time to introduce The Hokem One to you!

The most important information at a glance

Name: The Hokem One
Job: Graffiti Artist
Location: Berlin

What the artist says about himself

Hey Good morning . I am 30 years old and I come from berlin. I have been drawing since my childhood, and since about 1999 graffiti. How I have come to drawing I don’t really know anymore. But I started graffiti since I have always noticed it in my area and it was mega interesting. It just magically bound me and never let go. Meanwhile, I do it professionally. I’ve noticed Graphmaster when the battles started. Since then I have also participated in the last 2 battles. At the penultimate 3rd place. And the last unfortunately not at all. I like to work with alcohol markers and crayons called polychromos. My favorite colors are purple yellow orange, but I like to work with all colors. I would recommend Graphmaster as it is top quality for a low price. And because they always open such great battles.

Unique Style by a Battle-Veteran!

We are very grateful to be able to count on such experienced and unique artists as Hokem as our loyal friends. We look forward to many more battles and ingenious participations!

Selected Sketches


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