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27. März 2017
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We are excited to introduce you one of our loyal friends and artist ACEUNOJOINT. He is not only extremly talented, but also a very trustworthy and hardworking person! He’s using our markers for a very long time and we are always amazed by his art!

The most important information at a glance

Job: Graffiti Artist
Location: Bolzano

Roberto, tell me something about yourself!

Hi! My name is Roberto and I’m 36 years old, I paint since I am 14. I’m a big fan of sketching. I realized it in the break time at work since I’ve never had time at home with my three little girls and my wonderful wife. My style is very tied to old school letters but over time I developed a very new school conception tied to the colors and details that I do. I was born in Rome but for six years I have been living in a beautiful city named Bolzano, Italy. Of myth but I was very influenced by writers such as Bates, Dondi, Wane, Geser, Tds, Msk and Milan style! I thank Graphmaster for the support and trust she puts in me for the development of her brand!
Peace,Love and Respect for all!

Check out his amazing sketches!

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