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12. Oktober 2017
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Matthieu Tarrin aka Tarwane knows how to put letters right in the scene. We love how he used our markers to make great artworks. Want to know him better? We got you:

Some questions, some answers:

Job: Manga Artist
Location: Australia

Please tell me something about yourself:

I have a love for collecting useless cute stuff, haha.

1. How do you see that your work is also your hobby?

It’s wonderful! It never feels like you have to work when your hobby is your work. But sometimes it is stressful when you get hit with an artist’s block!

2. Do you have role models?

I have many! My top role models are artists who I often look up to and have inspired me so much: CLAMP, Studio Ghibli, Yana Toboso, and many talented artists on instagram.

3. If you’d have superpowers, which one would you choose?

The ability to picture an illustration and have it magically done for you, haha!

4. What’s your favourite country to travel to?

So far it’s Japan!

5. Gourmet Restaurant or Snack Wagon? 

Snack Wagon!

6. Your favourite music?

K-pop and jazz!

7. What do you do besides your daily worklife?

When I’m not drawing, I’ll usually play games or try to take photos of my cat, haha. I do try to go out once in a while, breathe in nature. I don’t really have many other hobbies.

8. Theatre or Opera?


9. What can not you do without?

Definitely will have to say art.

10. What do you wish for the future?

For the future, I wish that I will continue to do my best to improve my skills, and never give up my passion. And I hope, even if just a little bit, to inspire others as well.

A sneak peek:

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