Graphmaster in action

Presenting our graphmastermaker in action. Watch as we show you the capabilities of our markers.

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colors 124 alcohol based
graphmaster 124 colors

124 colors

Carefully chosen wide color range. Available for your creative freedom.View complete color chart.

dual tip marker
fine and broad tip

dual tip marker

All markers are equipped with a fine (0.8mm) and broad (7mm) tip.

picture graphmaster marker
barcode and numbering on graphmaster marker

keep organized

Individual colored caps and numbering make it easy to distinguish between all 124 markers.

graphmaster marker available in sets
graphmaster set and wallet

all SETS

Graphmaster markers are sold seperatly and in different sets.
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choose 24 markers personal selection
youMix 24 out of 124

your personal MIX

24 marker out of 124 colors.
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Graphmaster colors are alcohol based, quick drying and water permanent. All dual-tip markers are equipped with a fine (0.8mm) and broad (7mm) tip. The BASIC Set contains 61 carefully selected colors, one black marker and a colorless blender. Our selection of markers provides you with a wide color range to ensure optimal results for illustrations, graffiti, layouts, designs, storyboards and manga. Basic and Advanced sets are sold with wallets which can hold all 63 markers. . Opening the wallet conveniently displays and gives access to all markers. A carrier handle allows you to keep the markers with you at all times. The combination of BASIC and ADVANCED set fully completes the graphmaster 124 color collection. Restock your collection with single markers and 6 marker sets at selected dealers. Create your own personal youMIX with your favourite markers. View and print the full 124 color chart and find out more about our set collection.