Now more and more designers and artists prefer graphic tablets and computer graphics, but using aquarelle brush is still in high demand. Using markers is convenient and rather cheap. Any artist should have a set of quality markers with them, including pigment liner and acrylic paint. They can be useful at least for those situations when there is no tablet at hand, and it is not difficult to find a sheet of paper. No matter if you study or teach, markers can be of help. Specialized education can also be obtained through online courses, and even then, you would require markers for the perfect learning process. Creating your course has become very easy thanks to and similar platforms. You can simply take an online course on drawing and practice using paper and markers or a tablet. If you already have a graphics tablet, you can complete tasks for an online course right in your browser and submit them for review. You can select different master classes and lectures on the subject you are interested in.

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